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Author: Bill Ford

Sticks and Stones

 Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. We have all heard this rhyme growing up, and although it sounds kind of cute, it’s really not true at all! As you have probably discovered, words do hurt, and, in fact, they can leave life long wounds and scars. The opposite of hurtful words, however, are words that inspire, encourage, and bring life to others. Help your children understand the power of words as you coach them to choose to speak life. Ask them the following questions to stimulate conversation on this important topic: Table Topics...

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Is Social Media Social?

People by design are social beings who want or desire meaningful interaction with others.  Knowing how to build meaningful relationships will result in the cultivation of healthy friendships that leads to life long relationships and even future spouses.  Our kids may believe that current social media “likes and friends” will fulfill them and is the equivalent or real relationships.  These questions will help you guide your children into understanding how they can develop real relationship that matter. Table Topics | Question 1 What makes someone a true  friend? r Discover Listen for words such as loyal, trustworthy and dependable....

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What does Freedom Mean?

Between Memorial Day and Independence Day a discussion about what freedom means may help your children appreciate these holidays.  A celebration has more meaning when we fully understand what is being celebrated. Table Topics | Question 1 What is freedom? r Discover The answers will help you lead your children into a deeper meaning of the word.  This meaning will give them a basis or a foundation of understanding it’s true importance. | QUESTION 2 What is the opposite of freedom? r DISCOVER Words such as captivity, subjection, bondage, or slave might  be used in their answers.  Go deeper...

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Tell me a Story

Becoming an intentional storyteller will help you coach your children to live a joyful life, pass your values and beliefs, and help them create their own identity.  Storytelling also gives your children a sense of honor as well as a sense of belonging to something very special; your family.  It is important to help your children learn to tell their own story and use their imagination and creative abilities.  These questions will help you begin to encourage them to take their thoughts and put them into stories. Table Topics | Question 1 What is a story about something you...

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Why Am I Different?

So much of the pressure our kids face is from self comparisons to others. Helping your children to have a healthy self image and a way to measure true success can bring peace and personal satisfaction to their lives. Here are a few questions to help you understand where they feel they don’t measure up so you can assure them that their differences make them special. Table Topics | Question 1 Why shouldn’t you compare yourself to others? r Discover No two people are alike.  Use this opportunity to celebrate your child’s uniqueness.  Encourage them to reach the conclusion...

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