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Author: Bill Ford

Tell me a Story

Becoming an intentional storyteller will help you coach your children to live a joyful life, pass your values and beliefs, and help them create their own identity.  Storytelling also gives your children a sense of honor as well as a sense of belonging to something very special; your family.  It is important to help your children learn to tell their own story and use their imagination and creative abilities.  These questions will help you begin to encourage them to take their thoughts and put them into stories. Table Topics | Question 1 What is a story about something you...

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Why Am I Different?

So much of the pressure our kids face is from self comparisons to others. Helping your children to have a healthy self image and a way to measure true success can bring peace and personal satisfaction to their lives. Here are a few questions to help you understand where they feel they don’t measure up so you can assure them that their differences make them special. Table Topics | Question 1 Why shouldn’t you compare yourself to others? r Discover No two people are alike.  Use this opportunity to celebrate your child’s uniqueness.  Encourage them to reach the conclusion...

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Are you Here for Me?

It is important to give our children the confidence that we, as parents, care about them and are there to help them, in the good times and the difficult times. For many of our kids, just knowing you care enough will give them great comfort and can lead to them doing things to please you and achieve more. Open up the conversation with a few questions to let them know your heart as their parent. Table Topics | Question 1 If you got into really big trouble, how do you think I would respond? r Discover Their perception is...

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Is there Enough Time?

Balancing our schedules to make time for the important things such as family, meals together, relationships, and even rest can be a challenge. Helping our kids choose what they will be involved in or how much time they will commit to outside activities is important to their mental, spiritual and physical health.   These questions will help you make a plan to balance the activities for your kids and your family that can reduce stress and chaos in everyone’s schedules. Table Topics | Question 1 In all of your activities outside of school, what are your strengths and what are...

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What does compassion mean to you?

Compassion comes from a deep desire to help or alleviate the sufferings of others. Helping your children understand the value of being compassionate toward others may help them find their passion for something as well. These questions are designed to help you guide your children through a deeper look into their hearts where emotions may be hiding and where, together, you can find common ground and help them understand they can make a difference.

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