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Author: Bill Ford

Being Courageous begins with Courage

Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”  As parents, we have so much influence with each of our children to encourage them to live out their dreams. You can always help them think and dream big. Encourage means “to cause courage.” Here are a few questions that will help you to en-courage your children. Table Topics | Question 1 What would be an example of someone living an extraordinary life? r Discover Listen to how they may describe this person and how this extraordinary life looks.  Encourage them that living...

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Your Children’s Music Matters

There are many outside influences that shape the views, attitudes and even the behaviors of our children.  Music is known to connect deeply to our children’s identity development and is second to only movies and video games to the branding of images in the mind.   On the other hand, your children who play an instrument or are involved in band, choir or after school musicals can have healthy effects on identity and behavior.  Asking your children about how they view music may give you some clues as to what or who is influencing them. Table Topics | Question...

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Making Goals

Have you ever heard your children say, “I can’t wait until tomorrow comes”?   Children are more positive and hopeful when they have something exciting or new to look forward to the next day, next week or even several weeks awat.  The same is true when they have goals to obtain and are moving forward in acheiving them.  Helping your children make goals will keep them move forward to accomplish the things they set out to do.  This is important now and it will be important as you prepare them for adulthood.  Table Topics | Question 1 If you could...

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