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Author: Bill Ford

What Interests You?

Helping our children to feel good about their interests as a person will allow them to pursue their unique interest as well. It is important for our children to not follow every other person’s path because they might miss the very thing that will allow them to live fully alive in their passions. As parents, we get a unique opportunity to encourage our children and help them develop their gifts, talents and pursue their unique interest by being intentional in asking them these questions. Table Topics | Question 1 If you could be a bug, a cheetah, or fly...

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Making Memories

Many good memories your children will have later in life will be because you were intentional in making them, and it’s fun to listen to them talk about these good times during dinners around the table in your home. Here are a few questions to help your children to reminisce about the good old times and to begin exciting new experiences as they share what each memory means to them. Table Topics | Question 1 What was your favorite vacation? Tell me about it! r Discover Encourage them to tell the details of what they liked the best and...

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Consider Compassion

Have you ever been shopping and needed assistance to find what you are looking for? Recently, while at a local store with our family, we enlisted the help of a clerk who was less than enthused to help us. A few days later we heard that this employee had been dealing with some serious health issues that made him sick from time to time. As we received this information, we realized that every person has a story to consider before jumping to judgment. These questions will help you open a conversation at the table to teach your children to...

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Navigating the Storms

As parents, it is important to prepare our children to navigate the storms of life. We always teach families that there is either a storm coming that you need to prepare for, an imminent storm that you need help getting through, or a storm that has just passed that has left you in need of restoration. Helping your kids know how to navigate out of a storm and reach full restoration is intentional parenting. Here are three questions to begin this conversation. Table Topics | Question 1 If you had a big problem, whom would you call? r Discover...

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Calming Fears in the Midst of Storms

Many families will go through a time when all seems lost due to an unexpected death, tornado, hurricane or experiencing a broken family. When these physical storms and storms of life hit, your children may not see a clear way out and can lose hope for a better future. Talking with your children about these events will allow them to get a perspective and begin to have hope in devastating life events. Many times your children will respond more positively as they see their parents respond with words of life and hope. These questions will allow you to begin...

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