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Author: Bill Ford

Diversity not Division

In our culture today it is important to help our children understand the importance of diversity and how to successfully embrace it.   From their school to Wal-Mart, they see many different ethnic groups, skin colors, life styles, along with all different shapes and sizes of people. Because we are unique, we also have different skills, talents and desires. Without proper perspective and the right heart to embrace our differences, our kids may grow up in unhealthy fear, which could lead to a hard heart. These few questions will help you lead your family through a healthy conversation about finding...

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Believe in yourself!

How your children believe about themselves can make all the difference in what they will accomplish in life. Parents have the greatest opportunity to influence and instill positive characteristics in their children. These questions will help you speak words into your children that will begin to take root and become a foundation of healthy self esteem for your children. Table Topics | Question 1 Who is most responsible for your success? r Discover The answer may seem easy but don’t let a one-word answer be enough for this question, encourage them to begin to understand that they can do...

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What do we value?

Values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or a family. These values become guiding principles that dictate behavior and can help your family understand the difference between right and wrong, what is important, and what makes you who you are as a family. Your family’s core values (values that are the most important) can help you determine if you are on the right path in fulfilling your greater purpose and will help you create an unwavering guide. The following questions will help you and your children engage in a discussion on the importance of family values. Table Topics...

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What does regret mean?

Most of us have lived through a bad choice or a mistake and have at least a few regrets, but as parents, our hearts desire for our children is to help them make better choices and use wisdom now and in the future to avoid the pain that many times accompanies regret. The following questions allow you to begin coaching your children about good and bad choices and the consequences of both. Helping your children avoid the worldly traps and temptations not only limits the regrets but also the shame and guilt that may follow them for years. Table...

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The Materialism Trap

New advances in technology create the need to have the latest and greatest and can become the materialism trap. These products are introduced, marketed, and sold to buyers everyday and often the consumers become impulsive buyers. This compulsive behavior of having more and doing more will leave you and your kids feeling empty. Learning to be thankful and satisfied for what you have now will lead to a life of contentment — whether you have much or little. It’s really a matter of the heart to see life as a glass half full rather than half empty, and it...

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