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Author: Danielle Ford

Happy New Year

Every New Years we gather around the table for this annual discussion. The goal of this conversation starter is to open up the table for honesty and transparency. If you really want to know how your kids feel or what they are thinking, you are about to find out. Table Topics | Question 1 As a family this new year, what things should we start doing that we are not doing now? r Discover This will tell you volumes about what they believe your family should be doing to become more like the family they want, envision or desire....

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What is your Favorite Gift?

Remember when you were a kid and gifts would begin to appear under the tree? You hoped one was a Rubik’s Cube or Cabbage Patch Kid. What gift really impacted you as a kid? Is there one that stands out in your memory more than any other? Chances are it isn’t one of the trendy items of your era. In fact, it may not be the actual gift at all, but a memory that surrounded it or the person who gave it to you. Use these questions to discover what your children really consider important in gift giving. Table...

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What Moms Want Most

Recently, I was at a coffee shop with a couple of other very busy moms taking about school, homework, sports, work and a myriad of other topics of interest fueled by our caffeine fix. One of the moms at our table began to talk about the frustrations of their families having any quality time during the evenings due to their kids activities and busyness. It seemed like a normal conversation until I began to hear something different in her voice. It was really a cry for help.   I get it, we all get it. It’s our life —...

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Thanksgiving Traditions

The week of Thanksgiving is filled with traditions, involving food, family, and now even shopping. Remembering some of your favorite family traditions with your children can be an intentional way to instill family values and stay focused on what is really important. If your family did not have any traditions you care to see carried on, make new ones that your children will be proud of. For example, if you have never played board games as a family, pick one up today while you are out shopping for the perfect bird. And while you are at it, purchase a...

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Are you Afraid of the Dark?

As parents, you may fear for your children’s future, finances, health, or a myriad of other things you see in the news everyday.  Your children have fears too.  Their anxiety may not come from the same sources as yours, but it is very real to them.  A conversation about their fears will help them put many of them to rest.  At the very least, as you allow your children to share their fears, without judgement or ridicule, you reinforce the security they have within their family. Table Topics | Question 1 What are you most afraid of? r Discover...

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