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Author: Danielle Ford

How’s the Weather?

One of the most benign topics of conversation is the weather.  Weather is also the least threatening type of conversation.  You can discuss weather with a complete stranger or even someone with whom you are in a disagreement and there is no offense. If you are new at meaningful table topics around the dinner table, try talking about the weather with this new twist. Table Topics | Question 1 How would you describe your mood in weather terms? r Discover Listen for keywords that help you understand what they are really feelling.  Just because they pick a cloud-filled rainy...

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What are your Kids Thinking?

“If I only knew what my kids were thinking,” a mother of preteens cried out. In the midst of a conversation on understanding how the culture of social media, virtual friendships, and the constant borage of peer pressure, this mom wept as she shared her struggle to communicate with her three children. She explained that all she got from them was one-word answers in response to her genuine desire to interact with them. Like this mom, many parents want deeper conversations with their children to understand what is going on in their hearts. The best place to connect and...

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