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A Fresh Take on Table Manners

Dinner is a time to gather together, share stories from our day, and enjoy a delicious meal. While casual suppers are great for today’s busy families, table etiquette is an age-old tradition that is quickly becoming a lost art. Even if the night calls for paper plates, setting the table is the perfect way to get your kids involved in the dinnertime rush! Many people have different ideas of how a table should be set formally. You may even come up with your own style. But to keep with tradition and simplify it, a good rule of thumb is...

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Importance of the Dinner Table

| EATING TOGETHER BENEFITS EVERYONE “Studies have shown time and again that eating together has multiple benefits for everyone involved, but especially for children, and not only for nutritional purposes but in many other aspects as well.” – Huffington Post EATING DINNER AS A FAMILY HAS BECOME MORE DIFFICULT… Over the last 20 years, family dinners have declined by 33% and the time people spend eating has decreased from 90 minutes to less than 12. Minutes 20 YEARS AGO Minutes TODAY Eating Together is Vital Statistically Speaking Every parent desires to impart their values to their children along with timely...

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