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Intentional family meals are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Meals that are shared have reduced in time, frequency and are littered with the use of electronic devices and other distractions. Research shows that “the family that eats together” benefits in so many ways, and the lack of mealtime as a family is having devastating consequences.

FreshTake Meals provides a chef-designed menu of meals that can go from fridge to table in as little as 10 minutes—giving families less time in the kitchen and more time around the table.


Time and time again, statistics show that eating together as a family has a multitude of benefits that positively impact the atmosphere of your home with lasting benefits that range from better relationships between parents and children, higher levels of self-confidence, eating a wider range of healthy food groups, and the formation of lifelong values that all began around the dinner table.

Teaching Values

The dinner table and the activities around eating together are all great places for parents and other family members to teach lasting values to their children.

Speaking Clearly

Frequent family dinners are the most important factors in the development of a child’s vocabulary and communication skills.

Higher Self-Esteem

Children ages 11-18 that frequently eat with their families experience less depression and suicidal tendencies.

Better Grades

Research has shown that children who share meals with their parents not only eat healthier but also have better grades in school and a more supportive group of friends.



Get the family talking!

FreshOne has teamed up with C2Family to develop an online resource to help families eat together with purpose. Each question is crafted to minimize the one-word answers kids love to give: “Yes.” “No.” “Okay.” “Fine.” “Nothing.” We’ve also provided a feature for parents to know what to listen for and how to dive deeper. Start using our conversation starters today to get even more out of your dinnertime.


Does your family have a particular question they like to ask at the end of the day? We love when our community contributes to our library of conversation starters. Use the contact form to the right to submit your own take on family dinnertime conversation, and it may just appear on your next packaged meal!

Submit your own conversation starter!

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