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FreshTake Meals

bringing families back to the table…

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FreshTake is more than just providing meals...


FreshTake is about creating mealtime!


The State of Family Meals

Intentional family meals are sadly becoming a thing of the past. Families partake in fewer meals together. While the meals they do share have reduced in time and are normally littered with the use of electronic devices.

A countless number of research studies have shown time and time again that “the family that eats together” benefits in so many ways. The lack of mealtime as a family is having devastating consequences.

Our Vision for The Family

Don Janacek, Founder of FreshOne, began to notice how difficult it was to purposely carve out time every day to eat with his family. Between school activities, sporting events, and the many other responsibilities in life, family time was feeling the squeeze.

Don’s passion for family drove him and the others at FreshOne to start thinking of ways to make mealtime more convenient and purposeful. The result was FreshTake Meals, a chef-designed meal that can go from the fridge to the table in as little as 10 minutes, giving families less time in the kitchen and more time around the table.

Hear our Founder’s Pasion for Families

Conversation Starters

Get the Family Talking

FreshOne teamed up with C2Family and developed an online resource to help families eat together with purpose.

Each question is crafted to minimize the one-word answers kids love to give. “Yes.” “No.” “Okay.” “Fine.” “Nothing.”

Along with great questions, we’ve provided a discovery feature to help parents know what to listen for and how to dive deeper.

Start using our conversation starters to get more out of your dinnertime.

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