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Author: Bill Ford

Do feelings matter?

All of us have emotions that can determine how we feel and how we will interact with others. Emotions also influence how our day appears to go. These emotions can be both good and bad depending on what is happening around us or what has happened to us in the past. It is important to understand our own emotions, but it is equally important to understand, or at least empathize, with the emotions of others by considering how they may be feeling. This is one of the best parts of being a friend; being happy when they are happy...

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Are All Video Games Bad?

Video games have become the thing our kids rely on to pass idle time and to be entertained. But is it all fun and games? Recently serious questions have been asked about just how healthy or unhealthy some of these games are. The World Health Organization has even suggested video games cause mental health issues in a recent article published in Newsweek. These questions can help you begin a conversation with your kids about an important subject to make sure they keep the right balance in playing games. Table Topics | Question 1 What video game is your favorite?...

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Passivity – The Enemy to Parenting

Social media and news everywhere is filled with stories that concern you as parents. Who would have ever thought we would be dealing with issues like we are today; it is really a scary world we live in. What is important to understand is that it’s not just you that’s hearing or watching the news; your children are as well.   Who could have ever imagined that you would drop off your children at school and pray for their safety as you watched them leave your car? Your kids are probably wondering if something horrific has happened in other...

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Why Discipline?

  As a parent, finding a balance between disciplining (correcting bad behavior) and making them a disciple (to learn and follow your beliefs and values) can sometimes be a real struggle. The good news for parents is that it’s hard to accomplish one without the other. If you have a belief or strong sense of what you value such as honesty, integrity and hard work, it is important to teach or train these values or beliefs to be not just learned but also to see the evidence lived out in our children. If our children don’t practice honesty for...

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Birthday Blessings

Birthday celebrations should be fun for everyone. Pulling off something different and exciting every year can, however, become stressful even for the best of parents. Everyone likes to celebrate birthdays because for one day they become the center of attention. The cake, ice cream and presents are all about them. What if you could use this special birthday time to instill values into the special birthday celebration that will impact the whole family? Here is a simple way for you as moms and dads to inspire, encourage and speak life-giving words during each birthday celebration.   Here is a...

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