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Author: Bill Ford

Are You a Good SuperHero?

Today’s adventure characters that play out the roles of being superheroes can display good and bad values for your children. One game our teenagers bought and began to play had what seemed to be a good superhero, only to find out later in the game, the motives were to take other characters captive. It is important to know what your kids think about what is good behavior and what is bad, especially in the electronic world in which they spend so much time. By having a healthy conversation about a good definition of superhero, you may be helping them...

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Are You Parenting Every Other Weekend?

5 things you can do to bring wholeness and healing to your family.   If your family has suffered through the pain of divorce, we have some good news for you. You can claim victory for your family today. Having gone through the tears and the drama of divorce ourselves, we know firsthand the pain of a family being broken apart. And like you, we worried about how this brokenness would hurt our children both short term and long term. There are many studies on how divorce affects kid’s behavior, moods, attitudes, and current and future relationships. Most agree...

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Do feelings matter?

All of us have emotions that can determine how we feel and how we will interact with others. Emotions also influence how our day appears to go. These emotions can be both good and bad depending on what is happening around us or what has happened to us in the past. It is important to understand our own emotions, but it is equally important to understand, or at least empathize, with the emotions of others by considering how they may be feeling. This is one of the best parts of being a friend; being happy when they are happy...

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Are All Video Games Bad?

Video games have become the thing our kids rely on to pass idle time and to be entertained. But is it all fun and games? Recently serious questions have been asked about just how healthy or unhealthy some of these games are. The World Health Organization has even suggested video games cause mental health issues in a recent article published in Newsweek. These questions can help you begin a conversation with your kids about an important subject to make sure they keep the right balance in playing games. Table Topics | Question 1 What video game is your favorite?...

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