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Author: Bill Ford

Parents Getting into Agreement

Most of the blogs we write parents to help coach and encourage their kids.  One great parenting tool that will help your kids thrive and live with out stress in your home is when parents are in agreement. Being in agreement is a very intentional decision and has great rewards; if you, as the parents, are willing to take the time and effort to go through the process.  Below are the top three areas of your parenting life that you should be in agreement.  Know that your kids already know if you are or are not in agreement.  If you...

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Believe in a Bright Future

With so much negative news, political division and unrest in the world, it would be natural for us to worry about our future, especially our children.  Without a lot of intentional positive conversation and encouragement may leave our kids may struggle to sort out their feelings or emotions.  Worrying can then become a part of their everyday life. As we all know, worry can have affects on our health and self-image.  Helping your kids open up and encouraging them about their futures can be one of the most important things a parent can do in today’s very negative world.  Here...

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Don’t Follow Foolishness

Fads of foolishness tempt our kids to do something or try something dangerous or unhealthy. There are also new laws and regulations that have made something that was once illegal now legal. How do we coach our kids to be wise and not become just a part of the crowd or cave into peer pressure? These questions are designed to help you have a healthy conversation with your kids to keep them far from the fads of foolishness. Table Topics | Question 1 What foolish trends have you noticed? r Discover Your kids know what’s going on with these...

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Are You a Good SuperHero?

Today’s adventure characters that play out the roles of being superheroes can display good and bad values for your children. One game our teenagers bought and began to play had what seemed to be a good superhero, only to find out later in the game, the motives were to take other characters captive. It is important to know what your kids think about what is good behavior and what is bad, especially in the electronic world in which they spend so much time. By having a healthy conversation about a good definition of superhero, you may be helping them...

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