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Author: Bill Ford

Why is Your Family Important?

Why is your family so important? Why do our families matter? Is it bigger than just having children, making a living and retirement? Yes, it is; much bigger. Encourage your children through an understanding that your family was created as a foundation to change others around you: in your neighborhood, school, and even the world. Your family matters. Here are 5 thought provoking ideas on why our families were created. Believe it and talk about these ideas with your children. Family was created to be a loving union of members where the giving of and receiving of unconditional love...

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Extending Grace

Unmet expectations can lead to disappointment. When we feel like we have been let down by a parent, sibling or a friend, we can develop a root of bitterness and hold on to it for too long. This root of bitterness can become unhealthy and damage close relationships whenever we don’t have a grace-filled heart. Teaching our children about extending grace and forgiveness for one another might just turn anger into love and may help them avoid feelings of disappointment. Table Topics | Question 1 What does being let down mean? r Discover The answers might be generic at...

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Not a Perfect Parent? Try This.

If you’re like us you have had many moments where you felt like you were failing at a being a good parent. The kids or even the culture seemed to win over what we wanted as a family. In our minds it was supposed to look like this; more peace, joy, connection, respect and a whole lot less drama. What it looked like at the end of the day was almost a physical wrestling match, but most certainly a mental wrestling match over the ideal parent/child relationship.   We have found that getting back to the winning side of...

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Sitdown Comedy at the Dinner Table

Conversation at the table is important. To connect as a family and have those few moments of peace from our busy lives promotes health and wellbeing. Families who regularly eat together enjoy many other benefits; such as better healthy habits, better performance in school and greater self-esteem. To spice up your dinnertime and bring smiles and laughter to the family is also an important ingredient. Here are just a few ideas to try at your next meal time for a little more fun and giggles.   Tell a funny story about yourself. Place a deck of cards on the...

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Train Up a Child

As parents, we want our children to be successful. But what is success and how should we define it for our kids? The goal to train up a child should be to have both knowledge and truth to live in their gifts and find their destiny. These questions will help you begin a conversation with your children to help them succeed. Table Topics | Question 1 How would you define success? r Discover This question will have many answers. Let them think about it for a bit. At some point in their lives your children will need to discover...

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