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Author: Bill Ford

Remember your Blessings

Many families look at the current circumstance of their situation and see only the bleakness; they forget to count the many blessings of their life. Teaching our children to first be thankful for what they already have and to see the many blessings around them will allow them to have the right perspective when current circumstances are challenging. Use these questions to help define what a blessing is and then make a list of what your blessings are as a family. Table Topics | Question 1 What is a blessing? r Discover A blessing can be a simple favor, a...

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Smell the Roses

It is important to teach our children how to, “Stop and smell the roses”. In our very fast paced and very busy lives we don’t have or take the time to truly appreciate many blessings of each day. Helping our families and our children learn to take a pause and be thankful for the little gifts in each day will develop a heart of thankfulness. Table Topics | Question 1 What does the phrase “stop and smell the roses” mean? r Discover Help them paint a visual picture of the very act of smelling a rose. What do they...

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A Time to Mourn and a Time to Laugh

Emotions can build up in all of us and knowing it’s okay to share our feelings in a safe place is not only an important release but is also needed for our emotional, mental, and physical health. To mourn and to laugh is part of a healthy lifestyle. The place where our children can learn to share and express their feelings and deep emotions is in the home. Helping your children deal with their emotions will give them security and peace in their hearts. These questions will open the door to help your children express their emotions. Table Topics...

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What Interests You?

Helping our children to feel good about their interests as a person will allow them to pursue their unique interest as well. It is important for our children to not follow every other person’s path because they might miss the very thing that will allow them to live fully alive in their passions. As parents, we get a unique opportunity to encourage our children and help them develop their gifts, talents and pursue their unique interest by being intentional in asking them these questions. Table Topics | Question 1 If you could be a bug, a cheetah, or fly...

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Making Memories

Many good memories your children will have later in life will be because you were intentional in making them, and it’s fun to listen to them talk about these good times during dinners around the table in your home. Here are a few questions to help your children to reminisce about the good old times and to begin exciting new experiences as they share what each memory means to them. Table Topics | Question 1 What was your favorite vacation? Tell me about it! r Discover Encourage them to tell the details of what they liked the best and...

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