Author: Danielle Ford

Better than Resolutions

Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. According to Google, resolution means a firm decision to do or not to do something. What is better than a resolution? –Actually being intentional about doing or not doing something! Ultimately, a decision does not change anything; it is the carrying out of that decision that makes the difference. As the year comes to a close use these questions to start the conversation about how to make your family better in the next year and then be intentional to follow through and encourage your children to do the same. Table...

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Christmas Lists

From a personal point of view, making lists is one habit that keeps organization within view in our household.  Lists for groceries, lists for activities, even lists for house cleaning help me keep on track.  When it comes time to Christmas shopping, list making takes on a whole new priority, as budgets, deadlines, and a growing family are all important considerations.   Do you make lists?  Do you love checking things off?  Here are a few lists to make with your children this Christmas. You all may all realize that the most important lists do not include presents!  ...

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Sibling Rivalry

Do children outgrow sibling rivalry? Recently, our grown sons got together to celebrate one of them returning from military service.  Two of them have a colorful past of competition, disagreements, and even a few physical altercations.  But that was all in the past.  As the three of them reminisced it was not the negative memories that mattered most but how their friendship has grown through it all.  They each hold the other two in great regard. Create building blocks to better relationships between your children with these conversation starters. Table Topics | Question 1 What do you like most...

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Fortnite or Fort Night -Video Game or Game Night?

There is an enormously popular video game that continues to grow in popularity among students and young adults: Fortnite.  Your kids may refer to it as a harmless game where there is no violence because when foes fall they simply evaporate and disappear with no blood or gore.  However, parents, you need to take notice of the time your children may be spending on this game and the money they may be spending as well.   According to an article in Consumer Reports, although the game is free to download and playable across most medias (PCs, Macs, PS4, and Xbox...

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Meals with Great Food and Conversation Meals start with great food but they should end with great conversation.  Let FreshTake make your mealtime meaningful and enjoyable.  Your children are hungry for more than just a good meal; they need you to be intentional about finding out what is in their heart.  What is worrying them?  What is making them feel successful? What is really going on at their school? Would you like to know?  Use the conversation starters from FreshTake Family to listen to what your children need to tell you.  Each conversation starter provides coaching for how to listen to more than just...

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