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Author: Danielle Ford

The Gift of Laughter

The ability to laugh as a family not only makes family time more enjoyable; laughter helps families solve problems, reduce relational friction, and helps keep your family healthier by stimulating the immune system. Here are some questions to encourage a good laugh around the dinner table. Table Topics | Question 1 What makes you laugh? r Discover As you listen to your children explain what makes them laugh, make a note of what they consider humourous.  You may gather the information to use in the future when they need cheering up. | QUESTION 2 What is the funniest food you...

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Foundations of Fear

Everyone deals with their fear differently. The reactions your children have to fear can help you understand how they deal with it.  Do they get angry? Do they hide? Do they try to laugh it away? Here are some questions to explore the foundations of your children’s fears. | Question 1 If you have ever seen me afraid, how did it make your feel? Discover Watch their expressions as they relate a story when they saw you afraid.  Try to help them understand that it is not their responsibility to make you feel safe. | Question 2 What’s the...

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How’s the Weather?

One of the most benign topics of conversation is the weather.  Weather is also the least threatening type of conversation.  You can discuss weather with a complete stranger or even someone with whom you are in a disagreement and there is no offense. If you are new at meaningful table topics around the dinner table, try talking about the weather with this new twist. Table Topics | Question 1 How would you describe your mood in weather terms? r Discover Listen for keywords that help you understand what they are really feelling.  Just because they pick a cloud-filled rainy...

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