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Author: Danielle Ford

Are you Afraid of the Dark?

As parents, you may fear for your children’s future, finances, health, or a myriad of other things you see in the news everyday.  Your children have fears too.  Their anxiety may not come from the same sources as yours, but it is very real to them.  A conversation about their fears will help them put many of them to rest.  At the very least, as you allow your children to share their fears, without judgement or ridicule, you reinforce the security they have within their family. Table Topics | Question 1 What are you most afraid of? r Discover...

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In Case of Emergency

Preparedness can reduce the fear surrounding the potential of an emergency. Many of us, particularly children, can develop unhealthy fears around the possibility of severe weather, house fires, and other emergencies that should be prepared for in advance. A conversation regarding what your family should do in the event of any of these situations helps your children feel more secure and less afraid. These conversations will also provide an opportunity for your family to actually become proactive and take steps that will result in a better outcome in case your family experiences an emergency situation in the future. Table...

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What is parenting?

My grandmother often said to me, “I’m not raising children, I’m raising responsible adults”. This statement expressed her goal in parenting, or in her case, grand-parenting, as she had an active role in raising not only me, but many other kids in her neighborhood as well. She was known as Gramma Vickers to most of the people in her small town, and she encouraged everyone with a passionate purpose. Likewise, it is important to help our children understand that we parent toward a goal of values centered toward the same result as my grandmother — to raise young adults....

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Do you Dream in Color?

Dreams are the way your brain sorts out all the millions of inputs it receives on any given day. Although the reason we dream is not fully understood, we know that we all dream. Your children may dream in response to fears, anticipation, interest, or other emotions. Discussing the content of their dreams will help them sort out their emotions even more. Here are a few questions to get the conversation started. Table Topics | Question 1 What was your most recent dream about? r Discover If they cannot remember a dream or do not want to share, encourage...

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What does Friendship Mean to You?

The meaning of friendship is an important concept for your children to understand.  The meaning of friendship has been diluted in this culture where social media defines it as how many likes on your page or followers of your pictures.  Deep relationships are necessary for you and your children. As you discuss these questions around the dinner table, consider how you can not only encourage your children to be intentional about building real relationships, but also how you can cultivate the friendships you have into life long connections that matter. Table Topics | Question 1 What does friendship mean...

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