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Author: Danielle Ford

What’s Going On?

What is your child’s biggest concern? Do you really want to know “what’s goin’ on”? Do you ever wonder what is going on inside your child’s head?  These conversation starting questions will give you the answer; but there is a catch.  You, as the parent, need to refrain from immediately responding to your child’s answer.  These questions are meant to initiate an honest reply.  If you cut them off or react with shock and awe they will not be encouraged to continue the dialogue.  Simply nod your head and urge them to continue in a very calm manner.  This...

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Signs of a Healthy Family

Do you know what a healthy family looks like? Do your children? If you want to be a healthy family, whatever it means to you, it is a good idea to start the conversation to understand not only what a healthy family is but to also understand what your children think it is. Once you come into agreement as to what a healthy family is then you can discover whether or not your family meets the criteria and what steps you can take to become healthier. Table Topics | Question 1 What are the signs of a healthy family?...

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Better than Resolutions

Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions. According to Google, resolution means a firm decision to do or not to do something. What is better than a resolution? –Actually being intentional about doing or not doing something! Ultimately, a decision does not change anything; it is the carrying out of that decision that makes the difference. As the year comes to a close use these questions to start the conversation about how to make your family better in the next year and then be intentional to follow through and encourage your children to do the same. Table...

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Christmas Lists

From a personal point of view, making lists is one habit that keeps organization within view in our household.  Lists for groceries, lists for activities, even lists for house cleaning help me keep on track.  When it comes time to Christmas shopping, list making takes on a whole new priority, as budgets, deadlines, and a growing family are all important considerations.   Do you make lists?  Do you love checking things off?  Here are a few lists to make with your children this Christmas. You all may all realize that the most important lists do not include presents!  ...

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