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Author: Danielle Ford

Parenting Do Over

Have you ever wished you could turn back time and react differently to a parenting situation? You are not alone.  Parenting is not easy. Here are a few questions to ask yourself, or with your spouse, to help you consider areas in your parenting that may need a bit of a makeover.  In other words, prepare to hit the reset button. Table Topics | Question 1 In what areas of your parenting do you feel you lack moral authority? r Discover The best way to regain moral authority is to admit your mistakes, share what you learned from them, and...

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You make Me Laugh

Every family has that one person who makes everyone laugh! Since laughing has the proven ability to reduce stress, according to it is a great way to enjoy your family mealtime. Use these conversation-starting questions to jumpstart a humorous family discussion. Table Topics | Question 1 Who is the funniest family member and why? r Discover As you entertain the responses from around the table make sure that all members are honored. Do not allow your family to lampoon one another in the name of fun. We usually recommend not responding right away after you ask the question...

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Relax Around the Table

When was the last time you relaxed around the table with your family?  You are busy.  Your children are busy.  Mealtime can become one of the most stressful times of the day as you try to juggle schedules and the different preferences of every member of your family. Let FreshTake make mealtime the easiest part of your day.  Stop by your favorite grocery store today and pick up several of the 1-2 serving FreshTake meals to meet all the demands of your families tastes and nutrition! FreshTake meals are not only easy to prepare with only minutes in the oven or microwave but also they are also nutritious and easy to clean up.  These qualities combined makes for a less stressful mealtime.  Now that dinner is decided and ready to go, you have time to actually communicate with your children and find out what is happening in their lives.  FreshTake helps here as well with great conversation starters AND great coaching for the parent who has just finished a long day at work and has little energy left to navigate through the one-word answers of, “How was your day?” and “Do you have homework?” and find out how your kids are really doing.  The conversation starters are well-prepared and will even provide you, as the exhausted parent, coaching and tips on how to listen to what they are really...

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FreshTake Meals

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