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Author: Danielle Ford

Sharing: Is it always a Good Idea?

Does sharing encourage the right values in our children? When attending a birthday party recently, a wise parent touted, “I did not teach my kids to share.” The group of like-minded, value-based parents gasped. She continued, “ Why do we teach sharing? No one really likes to share. I don’t share.” Now, this mother is a very generous person so her declaration was profound and challenging. Could it be that the importance of sharing has been too highly overrated by many of us parents? I myself remember causing my daughter much strife when I required her to share her...

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Take a Vacation

Summer is the time to take a family vacation, consider a road trip this year!  Some of my fondest childhood memories are of summertime trips. Both of my parents were teachers so they had summer time off.  However, as teachers, there was not much of a budget for travel.  They would strategically plan road trips around places where friends or relatives lived so lodging was simply camping out in their living rooms.   It made for great variety and fun.  Ask your children how they would like to plan an inexpensive family vacation and then explore making it a reality.  ...

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Disappointment and Despair

Helping our children deal with disappointment can lead to healthy and happy adulthood for them.  On the other hand, if children do not have the capacity to cope with the small disappointments of their childhood, they may be reduced to a state of despair when the challenges of the real world hit them. If we protect our children from all disappointment they will not be ready for even the smallest let downs of adulthood.  We know there will be disappointments and learning to deal with them will create an atmosphere of victory and a belief in their ability to...

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Become a Volunteer and Change your Life and the World

There are many benefits of becoming a volunteer.  Most of the benefits or the blessings that come from volunteering are not just for the ones you have helped or what you may have changed.  As it turns out, the one who reaches out and volunteers get blessed so much more than the one who was helped. We have always told our kids that there is a transaction when you give of your time talents and treasures.  Yes, you are a part of blessing someone who may be in need and you gave something that helped him or her.  What...

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Expect Amazing

Expectations can be self-fulfilling.  Many times what you plan for or expect is close to what becomes a reality.  For example, if you expect something bad will happen it usually does.  On the other hand, when you expect something to turn out positive and you keep on working at it with positive expectations, it usually does. Let’s help our children live abundantly and teach them to expect amazing things to happen as they live their lives.  Discuss the following questions to begin a conversation about expectations.     Table Topics | Question 1 How do your expectations influence the...

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