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Author: Danielle Ford

What does Responsibility Mean?

You want your children to have the character trait of responsibility and you want them to experience the privileges of a responsible person.  The following questions can lead into great family discussion about how privilege and responsibility go hand in hand.  As you listen to their responses encourage them to articulate their ability to be responsible and to gain the privileges of acting with maturity. Table Topics | Question 1 What does privilege mean to you? r Discover According to Webster Dictionary 1828, privilege is a peculiar benefit or advantage  not common to others. So, by definition privilege is...

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Doing Hard Things

Parents have a deep desire to see their children successful.  But success for most of us does not come without hard work or sacrifice. Parent who motivate or challenge their child to do hard things empower them to become successful. Do not expect too little of them or let them expect too little of themselves.  Use these questions to begin discussions about how doing difficult things now can prepare them for the greatest opportunities in the future. Your children are stronger than you think and more capable than you expect.   Table Topics | Question 1 Who would you...

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Are Pets Important?

Growing up with a family pet offers benefits to your children’s well-being.  A pet can improve the self-esteem of your children by being the friend that never puts them down or rejects them. Pets are great listeners for your son or daughter who needs to practice their reading or spelling words. Many studies purport that having a family pet can also improve socialization skills and even improve the health of the family. As a parent you can teach values such as being responsible and time management by allowing your children to take care of a pet. Here are a...

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Let’s Talk about Honor

In today’s society, interruptions are all around us. In fact, the idea that multi-tasking has become a virtue leads many to believe that interruptions are just a way of being more productive. Actually, in many cases, interrupting someone is evidence of the lack of showing one another honor. Start a conversation with your kids and show them how properly interrupting someone will become a way to display honor in your family.

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The Gift of Laughter

The ability to laugh as a family not only makes family time more enjoyable; laughter helps families solve problems, reduce relational friction, and helps keep your family healthier by stimulating the immune system. Here are some questions to encourage a good laugh around the dinner table. Table Topics | Question 1 What makes you laugh? r Discover As you listen to your children explain what makes them laugh, make a note of what they consider humourous.  You may gather the information to use in the future when they need cheering up. | QUESTION 2 What is the funniest food you...

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