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What does compassion mean to you?

What does compassion mean to you?

Compassion comes from a deep desire to help or alleviate the sufferings of others.  Helping your children understand the value of being compassionate toward others may help them find their passion for something as well.  These questions are designed to help you guide your children through a deeper look into their hearts where emotions may be hiding and where, together, you can find common ground and help them understand they can make a difference.

Table Topics


Question 1

How does it make you feel when you see someone sad?



Ask them if they saw anyone who was sad today and what they did or wanted to do about their sadness.  Encourage them to show others they care with simple gestures like a smile, sharing your lunch, or inviting them to join them during playtime. Listen for evidence of any situations that may require deeper attention.



What does compassion mean to you?



If they do not know, use the example they gave of how they felt when they saw someone sad.  If they felt sadness when they saw it in someone else; that is compassion. Defining compassion with your children will encourage them to become compassionate and to identify those experiences that result in this emotion.



How can you show more compassion or kindness?



Many times our children see or hear of acts toward others that hurt their hearts.  Listening to them about their feelings will provide ways for you to encourage them to take action. For instance if they share an experience where they wanted to show compassion to someone, say a schoolmate who was being bullied, but they didn’t. Encourage them to step out of their comfort zone next time.


Finding a way to help others with a heart of compassion will lead to finding great satisfaction when we are part of making a difference.  Find simple and easy ways to show them how they can be a part of changing things for the better.  A simple written card or letter may be just where you both can begin together to develop a passion to help.  Additionally, you can take them to places in their cities or even other countries to show them how others live.  This will always spark conversation about compassion.

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Bill Ford’s first passion is helping families. He is the author and developer of C2 Family, an equipping ministry that empowers parents to be intentional with their children, seek God’s vision, and change the culture for generations to come. ©C2GenFamily and C2 Family

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  1. Louise Mason

    Question 3 is probably something we can all ask of ourselves not just our children. I don’t have children but I bet some of their answers will open our eyes to new opportunities to act with compassion.


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