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Is there Enough Time?

Is there Enough Time?

Balancing our schedules to make time for the important things such as family, meals together, relationships, and even rest can be a challenge. Helping our kids choose what they will be involved in or how much time they will commit to outside activities is important to their mental, spiritual and physical health.   These questions will help you make a plan to balance the activities for your kids and your family that can reduce stress and chaos in everyone’s schedules.

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Question 1

In all of your activities outside of school, what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?



TIP: Listen to what they may be suggesting to spend more time on and what they can possibly do without. Help them choose.  It ‘s a good possibility they are looking for ways to streamline their day as well.



What would you do with an extra hour everyday?



TIP:  Listen to their perception of priorities.  If they would choose sleep or video games, they may be communicating that they just need time to “unplug”. Rest is an important part of child development. Discuss ways they can recharge with the family that would result in more time together.



What are some activities you would like our family to do together?



TIP: Listen to the answer as your kids may be articulating their idea of what healthy families should do together.  You may have to also make a plan to alleviate other outside forces in order to make these suggestions work.


Overscheduling can take a toll on kids’ friendships and social lives. Family life can also suffer. When one parent is driving to basketball practice and the other is carpooling to dance class, family meals are missed. As a result, some families rarely eat dinner together, and may not take the extra time to stay connected.  As the parent, it is important to navigate balance.  You and your kids will be glad you took the intentional steps to make more family time.

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Bill Ford’s first passion is helping families. He is the author and developer of C2 Family, an equipping ministry that empowers parents to be intentional with their children, seek God’s vision, and change the culture for generations to come. ©C2GenFamily and C2 Family

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