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FreshTake Shuffle

FreshTake Shuffle

Welcome to the FreshTake Shuffle — the only game welcomed at the dinner table!

How to play

To begin a new game shuffle the deck and place in the middle of the table where every family member can reach it.

Start with the youngest, oldest, or the family member of your choice.

Most cards are simple questions that may start a great conversation. After the player answers the question, he or she hands the card to the nearest parent who can use his or her phone to connect to the website via the QR code or link on the card for more tips to continue the conversation topic.

There are a few special cards that require additional instruction:

  1. “Select someone else to respond to a question”
    • Choose any previously played question and have another player respond.
    • Hint: The best cards to replay at this point are “Repeat the funniest Mom/Dad joke” and “What are some happy noises our family makes?”
  2. “Mystery Card”
    • This card requires using your smartphone and connecting to the link on the card.
    • The Mystery Card link will be updated periodically and may provide prizes, FreshTake meal samples, or additionally playing cards.

How to Win

Be creative!

 If your family is competitive you can go so far as to assign point values to each card and whoever collects the most points win.  

To make it a fast paced game so you can get through more cards per meal, consider setting the timer on one of your phones to 30 seconds or so for each response. . Or, to determine a winner see how many questions each family member can answer in 2 minutes.

If your family likes everyone to be a winner, then you are!

Share your ideas with us on our Facebook or Instagram page for a chance to win more cards or FreshTake meals.

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Danielle advocates for families of all forms and sizes as co-founder of C2 Family ministry. She is committed to encouraging and equipping them to conquer the chaos by discovering their God-given vision and becoming intentional to live it out as a family. ©C2GenFamily and C2 Family

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