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Why your Home is Important

Why your Home is Important

Have you ever moved away from a home and felt sad because of all the good memories of love, laughter and your family traditions you experienced?  Others may have move away leaving behind a season of their life that they would like to forget as they move on to hopefully better days for them and their children.  For us, as parents, it is important not to discount the place your family calls home as to only an investment or a place we come home to after work.  For our children, the place or places they grow up can have a lasting impact on the way they will live out their own lives and how they will raise their children.


The home as we define it is not just the bricks and mortar or the location as much as the atmosphere that we, as parents, create within the structure of the home that matters.  Here are five intentional ways you can make your home a place that nurtures the hearts of each one of your children to live a secure and love filled life.


  1. Live out loud. Encourage your children to laugh and play where the noise in your home becomes noise of happiness.  Many grown children remember the family games that were played; the wrestling with dad or mom, the music that was played and the ways the family enjoyed each other both inside and outside the home.  Homes where families stay in their own rooms, don’t have intentional interaction, and don’t laugh together can create children who feel isolated and empty and eventually will have a home full of chaos.
  2. Be a home of hospitality. Your children will learn a lot about social skills and how to be hospitable to others by your example. When they see the way you prepare for guests, they will learn how to be welcoming and gracious to others.
  3. Tell stories. Teenagers learn their identity by understanding more about who their parents are and how they became that way.They do not get their identity emulating their parents but by admiring some of their life stories, struggles, and victories.  Your children will become unique individuals, but as they hear stories of your life, they can appreciate the family history.
  4. Eat together.The importance of time spent around the dinner table can never be overstated. Students perform better in school if they are used to eating together with their families. Children will also become more socially adept and respectful when they learn to help prepare for dinner.  The clean up process can be a time of family teamwork as well.
  5. Live out your values.There is no better place to instill family values than in the family home. Treating others with honor and respect are essential and is best learned in an environment where you live all the time.  Consider the family values you hold dear and how they are best experienced in a home environment.  A well-known family encourager, Devi Titus, says home is not only where the heart is, “but where the heart is formed”.


Where you live is more important than the location or size of your home.  The memories and values experienced and learned there will impact your family for generations.  Become intentional about making your house the home you want your children to remember.

About The Author


Bill Ford’s first passion is helping families. He is the author and developer of C2 Family, an equipping ministry that empowers parents to be intentional with their children, seek God’s vision, and change the culture for generations to come. ©C2GenFamily and C2 Family

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