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Making Goals

Making Goals

Have you ever heard your children say, “I can’t wait until tomorrow comes”?   Children are more positive and hopeful when they have something exciting or new to look forward to the next day, next week or even several weeks away.  The same is true when they have goals to obtain and are moving forward in acheiving them.  Helping your children make goals will keep them moving forward to accomplish the things they set out to do.  This is important now and it will be important as you prepare them for adulthood.

Table Topics


Question 1

If you could make a wish right now, what would it be?



They may start out a little sarcastic at first or make fun at someone but ask him or her to be specific about his or her dream.  Listen to what they want and help them turn it into a real goal they can accomplish.



What is the greatest thing you have accomplished so far?



Praise them for a job well done and ask them what’s next? Tell them that they can accomplish things they set their minds to. Then, help them formulate a goal and to take the next steps.



Who do you know that has accomplished something great then admitted they were outside of their comfort zone when they did it?



Encourage them in understanding that doing great things will mean stepping outside what is comfortable. If it was easy, anyone could do it.  Be your child’s fan in helping them do what they set out to do.


Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player that ever played professional basketball, was not picked to play on his high school basketball team. He missed over 9000 shots in his career, lost almost 300 games and was trusted to take the game winning shot only to miss it 26 times.  But through his failures he succeeded with hard work and determination.  More than once, Michael Jordan picked himself off the floor after a failure and stayed focused on his goals and well, you know the rest of the story.  Your children will be encouraged by stories of others who chose to do hard things to accomplish greatness.

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Bill Ford’s first passion is helping families. He is the author and developer of C2 Family, an equipping ministry that empowers parents to be intentional with their children, seek God’s vision, and change the culture for generations to come. ©C2GenFamily and C2 Family

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