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Meals with Great Food and Conversation

Meals with Great Food and Conversation

Meals start with great food but they should end with great conversation.  Let FreshTake make your mealtime meaningful and enjoyable.  Your children are hungry for more than just a good meal; they need you to be intentional about finding out what is in their heart.  What is worrying them?  What is making them feel successful? What is really going on at their school? Would you like to know?  Use the conversation starters from FreshTake Family to listen to what your children need to tell you.  Each conversation starter provides coaching for how to listen to more than just the answers to simple questions.  You will gain insight into what is happening in the lives of your children as they respond and you listen to what they are saying and for what they may be suggesting. Every question includes tips for listening and encouraging your children.

Children love and even crave quality time with their parents.  With FreshTake meals you will spend less time preparing and cleaning up meals and will have more time to spend around the table.  Let FreshTake take the worry and stress away from mealtime and make dinner a time of encouragement.

FreshTake meals come in a variety of serving sizes and flavors so you can please everyone around the table.  Discover your favorite meal in your grocer’s deli or fresh food section today. You can locate FreshTake meals on the website locator or ask for them at your favorite market.

FreshTake is committed to helping families return to the table where quality time, conversation, and encouragement can take the place of the chaos of busy schedules and unhealthy fast food options.  Convenience can still mean delicious and quality meals when you choose FreshTake. Try several meals today and please the whole family with a chef-prepared meal they will love.




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