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What your Favorite FreshTake Meal Says about your Personality

What your Favorite FreshTake Meal Says about your Personality

What is your favorite FreshTake meal?  As you enjoy one of the FreshTake meals with your family, have some fun and decide what personality matches some of your favorite meals. Share the results with us at in the comment section below this blog and we will send you a FreshTake Family Shuffle card deck. These results are absolutely unscientific and for conversation purposes only so have fun and come up with your own theories as long as you are respectful to everyone at the table.

Table Topics


Question 1

What does choosing Spaghetti and Meatballs FreshTake say about you?



To help jumpstart the conversation, you may want to remind them of the famous scene in Lady and the Tramp when Lady and Tramp share a spaghetti noodle and suggest that loving spaghetti makes you a romantic or maybe someone who enjoys seeking a deeper meaning in things.*



What does choosing Fettucine Chicken Alfredo as your favorite FreshTake meal say about your personality?



Again, from pure speculation, you may be very reliable. Just like you can always depend on Fettucine Alfredo being delicious, you are stable, yet incredibly adaptable to work well under pressure.  You could say, you’ve got a good head on your shoulders.*



What is your favorite FreshTake meal and how does that fit your personality?



Whatever meal you choose, use your imagination to correlate its flavor to your disposition.  Suggestions may be: General Tso’s Fried Rice is a sign of commanding authority and respect or Sweet Garlic Glazed Chicken Thigh may mean you are adventurous yet sweet and thoughtful.


Choosing any of the wonderful FreshTake meals obviously suggests a highly intelligent and  discerning person who not only enjoys good food, but also time with family and a convenient alternative to complicated preparation and clean up around mealtime.


* Suggestions for personalities who like certain pastas adapted from

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Danielle advocates for families of all forms and sizes as co-founder of C2 Family ministry. She is committed to encouraging and equipping them to conquer the chaos by discovering their God-given vision and becoming intentional to live it out as a family. ©C2GenFamily and C2 Family

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