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What does Freedom Mean?

What does Freedom Mean?

Between Memorial Day and Independence Day a discussion about what freedom means may help your children appreciate these holidays.  A celebration has more meaning when we fully understand what is being celebrated.

Table Topics


Question 1

What is freedom?



The answers will help you lead your children into a deeper meaning of the word.  This meaning will give them a basis or a foundation of understanding it’s true importance.



What is the opposite of freedom?



Words such as captivity, subjection, bondage, or slave might  be used in their answers.  Go deeper and ask them which appeals to them more; to be free or to be the opposite of free.



How do you think we as a family live in freedom?



Your kids may or may not understand our history.  Use this great opportunity to guide them into a history lesson.  Share your experience of living in a free country and tell them stories about your family’s past. For example, if you have had any veterans in your family or if your family has come from another country where freedom was not enjoyed as it is the U.S., share those stories.


When you add the suffix ‘dom’ to a word, it changes the meaning.  Freedom is a realm or a state of being free.  In other words, it’s already achieved.  Freedom became a reality because someone pursued it. In most cases, freedom under this definition did not come free, there was a cost.  Someone or many someones did something very intentional to bring about this state of being free.  If you have freedom to learn, express your selves, pray and pursue anything you want to be or do, you probably live in a country where the pursuit of being free lead to freedom.  Be thankful we have freedom. (As a side note, your kids may benefit from you reading to them the constitution of the United States over dinner to get a better understanding of our freedoms).

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Bill Ford’s first passion is helping families. He is the author and developer of C2 Family, an equipping ministry that empowers parents to be intentional with their children, seek God’s vision, and change the culture for generations to come. ©C2GenFamily and C2 Family

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