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What Moms Want Most

What Moms Want Most

Recently, I was at a coffee shop with a couple of other very busy moms taking about school, homework, sports, work and a myriad of other topics of interest fueled by our caffeine fix. One of the moms at our table began to talk about the frustrations of their families having any quality time during the evenings due to their kids activities and busyness. It seemed like a normal conversation until I began to hear something different in her voice. It was really a cry for help.

I get it, we all get it. It’s our life — raising kids, having a family, working inside or outside the home. Our lives have become a daily routine of running here and there, shuffling schedules, children, errands and our work. Just successfully getting our kids to bed each night seems to be the reward of the day but knowing it all starts again in the morning can be overwhelming. This moment of having coffee with a few friends seemed like such a luxury as one of my friends kept looking at her watch as if she felt guilty for stopping for a rest.

The thing is; we did this to ourselves. We created this wheel in which we get on each morning and run until we can’t go any more. The question is not why did we do it, (That’s another blog) but how do we slow it down or even stop it. At the end of the day what blessing did we receive, or more importantly what blessings did we miss? This is where these moms at my coffee table began to really open up to the one or two things they wanted back from their chaotic day more than anything.

As I listened to what seemed like the gasping for air in the conversation to find some sanity, one of the moms said I just want a moment where we are all together and have few minutes to connect as a family. That’s all I want she exclaimed. Wow, is it really that simple or is it what we are willing to settle for as I agreed with her plea. Whatever the answer, it was certainly a place to start to try to claim back the ground so many of our families have lost in our daily shuffle to make it all work.

As we continued the conversation we all agreed that the only possible time to put the preverbal stake in the ground would be at dinner. Not over a bag of burgers or a box of pizza where some are at the kitchen bar, or in our rooms or looking at our phones, but all together as a family at the dinner table for 30 minutes. Wow, just listening to these moms I could hear a sigh of relief as they began to see the promise land where a moment of peace, connection and even a sharing of each other’s day was just on the other side of the mountain of chaos.

What these moms said they wanted for dinner was of coarse, good food, easy to prepare, and easy to clean up but most of all they wanted that one moment of the day were they could all stop and appreciate each other as a family. A moment where the family could remember what was important and to be thankful for the blessing they all had and be able to share what was in their heads and in their hearts.

I bet you can relate to these moms and not in needing your morning caffeine. You, as well, want a time that you intentionally set aside to be a family, to have that moment of peace, and feel the joy of parenthood return through the unconditional love of a family. You can do this at the dinner table and it doesn’t have to consist of an elaborate fare that takes costly time to prepare.

FreshTake Meals provides a chef-designed menu of meals that can go from fridge to table in as little as 10 minutes—giving families less time in the kitchen and more time around the table.

Share with us how you have drawn your preverbal line in the sand and made your time as a family to connect and count your blessings a reality in your life. You can help inspire other moms with your comment.


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Danielle advocates for families of all forms and sizes as co-founder of C2 Family ministry. She is committed to encouraging and equipping them to conquer the chaos by discovering their God-given vision and becoming intentional to live it out as a family. ©C2GenFamily and C2 Family

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